• The Maskela Mooncake!

      Celebrate this year's Mid-Autumn Festival with the ultimate mooncake - the Maskela Mooncake! A huge part of the celebration is exchanging moonc...
  • Top 7 Mask Trends of 2020

    2020 has brought forth a lot of changes, lack of fashion trends is not one of them for sure! We have entered a new era of accessories - masks. What...
  • Biodiversity: The Vaccine for a Sustainable Future

    The sudden emergence and the spread of COVID 19 has brought to light the imbalance in biodiversity, it has shown that when the diversity is destroyed the support system for human life is destroyed.
  • “Where Flowers Bloom, so does Hope”: The History of Sakura

    Sakura, one of Japan’s most quintessential natural symbols, is a flower which is believed to be a portrayal of spring, hope, beauty so on and so forth. After the dark winters and before the bright summers, the sakura season marks the beginning of spring in Japan.
  • The Evolution of Face Masks

    From the Bubonic plague of the middle ages to the pandemic our world is facing today, our face masks have come a long way, and along the way, fashion has had a role to play. 
  • Are Face Masks the New Sunglasses?

    Before we misjudge face masks, let’s remind ourselves about sunglasses and hats. They once started out as add-ons meant to protect the wearer from the harsh sun, and now they have evolved into fashion accessories with a plethora of designs to choose from.
  • Why a Reusable Mask is Better for the World

    With the rapid decline in availability of surgical masks all over the world, more people have started opting reusable cloth masks to protect themselves. Not only does this decision help the medical professionals, it also helps maintain the ecological balance.
  • Less is More?: The psychology of wearing face masks

    The “new normal” for the foreseeable future will be masked. But will the constant sight of the masked community change our perceptions of their warmth, competence and their intelligence?
  • Maskela to donate over 400 masks to Singapore Migrant Workers

    Maskela, a social enterprise created to fight the spread of COVID-19 by changing the stigma of face masks and providing masks to those in need, will be using the proceeds from their first week of sales to purchase 400 surgical masks to support MaskForce. The donation, which will also include 20 sustainable Maskela masks, will be dropped off at the Migrant Workers' Center the week of April 20th by the company's founder, Carol Chen.