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Tips to Pick A Fashionable Face Mask from Maskela

Who said being stylish and safe isn’t possible? Here at Maskela, we have conquered this epic duo by creating high-quality reusable face masks that enhance your fashion and your wellness. You don’t need to rely on flimsy disposable masks to protect yourself from germs, especially when they don’t add any value to your wardrobe. We all have the chance to accessorize our facial coverings with our apparel, so why let the opportunity pass us by? Here are some tips to pick a fashionable face mask from one of our many collections:



You can’t really go wrong by picking a chic color to add to your mask collection. Now that the spring season is here, you can reach for those warm, bright colors. Think blue, green, purple, and pink. Our satin collection has all the right colors to choose from: Fuchsia, Emerald, Royal Blue, or even a neutral Champagne. This collection also features colored mask with a matte finish; So, if you want one that is guaranteed to go with every outfit, check out our Matte Black or Matte Gray!



For those of you out there who love captivating designs and memorable patterns, Maskela has exactly what you need. From floral masks to batik masks, and peranakan masks and abstract masks, we surely have something to liven up your outfit. Our cotton collection features turquoise, red, and blue floral patterns so you can step into spring with an unforgettable look. 100% safe, and 100% stylish — how much better can it get? If floral isn’t your taste, we have empress masks, dragon masks, and sequin masks that are guaranteed to turn heads. Whether you go with matte or shiny patterns, these masks will truly level up your wardrobe.



There’s nothing worse than losing a face mask, especially while you’re out and about running errands. You can’t always stuff it in your purse, or put it in your car, so where do you put when it’s not on your face? That’s where our mask chains save the day! Our multi-functional mask chain doubles as a stylish necklace, as well as a practical strap to carry your mask when not in use. You simply attach the hooks to the ends of each earloop. Then, wear the chain either in front or behind your neck. If you want to don it as a necklace, just hook the ends together without your mask! Versatility never looked so good. Our mask chain’s come in gold, rose gold, silver, gunmetal, jade, marble, stone, and more. Select one that matches your aesthetic, and you will conquer safety and style effortlessly — only from Maskela!



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