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The Maskela Mooncake!


Celebrate this year's Mid-Autumn Festival with the ultimate mooncake - the Maskela Mooncake! A huge part of the celebration is exchanging mooncakes. Thus, the rise of the Maskela Mooncake!

A true collector's item for 2020 or the perfect gift of safety for all your friends.Worth over $3,000 when purchased individually, this special "mooncake" includes 50 of Maskela's best-selling styles and has something for everyone and every occasion.

All masks are made of gorgeous, high quality fabrics, handpicked specially for these masks! Each and every one of the masks in this collection is stitched with love by local tailors and has a filter pocket, nose wire and adjustable ear loops to mould to your face shape. Every piece is unique and the collection offers an array of beautiful hues and prints!


 Create your own Mini Maskela Mooncake



With the onset of the Mid-Autumn festival, celebrate by creating your mini Maskela Mooncake!

This mini mooncake is completely customisable to you. Take your mask collection to the next level and never have to wear a mismatched mask with your outfit again!

Simply check out 6 masks and get 20% OFF. An automatic code <MIDAUTUMN> will be applied during checkout.


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