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Biodiversity: The Vaccine for a Sustainable Future




The sudden emergence and the spread of COVID 19 has brought to light the imbalance in biodiversity, it has shown that when the diversity is destroyed the support system for human life is destroyed. The less Biodiverse an ecosystem is, the more are the chances for pathogens to spread rapidly between animals and people


The best vaccine for the future is to preserve nature and the biodiversity. The Novel Coronavirus is a wake up call for the community to learn, adapt and find the balance sooner than later. To reduce the occurrence of further pandemics the world must have a robust nature.


Monoculture is progressively becoming the preferred type of cultivation which globally reduces the food crop diversity. Cultivating only one type of wheat, potato or rice according to what sells the most. The ‘wild’ variety in species are reducing rapidly in number which in turn would put the populace in danger when faced with another disease outbreak. The accelerated degradation of biodiversity will only reduce the human resilience. The ecosystem will dramatically change when millions of species get wiped out due to human activities


About one million species are threatened with extinction, as per the 2019 IPBES Global Assessment Report on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services and rainforests with high densities of plant diversity are disappearing at an alarming rate.



Image by Jace & Afsoon (@jacegrandinetti) via Unsplash (


Circuit breakers and lockdowns have given households the time to rethink consumer needs, thus giving the best opportunity to promote sustainable consumer choices that could become a regular practice.


Man-made actions like deforestation, encroachment of wildlife and intensified agriculture has accelerated climate change and upset the fragile balance of nature. The emergence of zoonotic diseases unfolds the root cause which is the impact of human activities on the ecosystem. 


Our reusable Biodiversity mask is a small step towards the big change the world should see. A portion of the proceeds from this mask will benefit the Environmental Defense Fund to help address today's most urgent environmental challenges. Show your love for the environment with this unique mask featuring an eco-themed print on sustainable linen fabric and rethink what small steps and measures can be taken to help make the world more green and Biodiverse!


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