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Are Face Masks the New Sunglasses?

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Before we misjudge face masks, let’s remind ourselves about sunglasses and hats. They once started out as add-ons meant to protect the wearer from the harsh sun, and now they have evolved into fashion accessories with a plethora of designs to choose from. Masks provide a similar opportunity to make a statement with and help protect others in style. It also uplifts the concept of creativity and the fact that one doesn’t have to go about life wearing a standard medical mask, since it can make a compelling reflection of our personality and frame of mind.

Wearing masks is a foreign concept to everyone, and people will embrace them differently. There have been instances of people gifting handmade or professionally made cloth masks to their loved ones, which highlights a real community aspect. Decorated masks might just be the small ray of hope and happiness that people need today.

Many fashion based factories have had massive cancellations of orders, so the overflowing orders of new fashion masks could be helping the people stay employed. One should have the same conversation of conscious and mindful consumption of fashion purchases for masks too; a choice to wear something one wants to wear, made by the company one wants to support.


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Designer brands in response to the new reality, are combining their craft and creativity to offer beautiful and stunning versions of the average cloth mask, coaxing even the most unwilling to wear them.

There are some ways one can spice up their new accessory:

Considering size and scale when it comes to prints; A stylist from New York suggests wearing opposite scales of print on the mask and outfit. For example, if one were to wear a dress with small flowers, the mask can have a bigger print of flowers.

Paying attention colour; One should wear similar or complementary colour palettes.

Ultimately, if masks are made a must and become the focal point of the whole outfit, why not make it fun and why not make it represent you!


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