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“Where Flowers Bloom, so does Hope”: The History of Sakura



Sakura, one of Japan’s most quintessential natural symbols, is a flower which is believed to be a portrayal of spring, hope, beauty so on and so forth. After the dark winters and before the bright summers, the sakura season marks the beginning of spring in Japan.


The pale, pink and dainty flower is a huge part of the country’s history and culture. It embodies the Japanese Philosophy for a perfectly imperfect life(Wabi-Sabi Philosophy) and the Shinto ideals of transience, hope and renewal.


In Japan, the blooming of Sakura flowers helped the farmers know when to plant their rice crops and harvest. What makes it more special is that the Sakura is in full bloom only for about a week in a year; the most popular variety being the Somei Yoshino, which brings about the pale pink flowers.


The cherry blossom tree symbolizes human life and its impermanence to the Japanese.  After the one week of its full bloom, the delicate Sakura flowers start to fall gracefully and is said to be the most elegant in the final stages when the white and pink petals glide to the ground. 



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Blossom viewing originated in Japan during the Nara Period(710-794). Emperor Saga and the Imperial court then went on to throw parties and flower sighting picnics around the Heian Period(794-1185). The popularity of the tradition then spread to the commoners and became a yearly tradition. 


In today’s world, the natives from all over come together to celebrate the blooming, by touring the parks and holding huge picnics and gatherings called Hanami and eating blossom-themed food. Couples go at night to appreciate the romantic setting created by the cherry blossoms. Hanami at night is referred to as Yozakura.


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