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The Many Benefits of Wearing Silk Masks

Silk is a natural fiber that is well-known for its shine, strength, luster, and durability. From Roman Royalty to Chinese Empresses, silk has a strong history and foundation across the globe. It is typically associated with wealth and luxury due to its high cost to produce, elegant appearance, and soft consistency. 

When you think of silk, your mind may go to apparel, formal dresses, lingerie, pajamas, bedding, robes, and more. But, have you ever thought about the silk facial masks? Silk face masks are truly works of art that nourish your skin with each and every wear. Continue reading to learn more about the many benefits of wearing a silk facial covering:


Prevents Allergies

With allergy season in full swing, face masks can protect you from the pollen in the air. Strong gusts of wind, blooming flowers, and growing grasses all contribute to the release of pollen that spreads those pesky allergens through the air. Environmental aggressors such as smoke, pollution, and other irritants pose a threat to your health every time you step outside, so if you wear a mask it can greatly prohibit these particles from reaching your lungs.

Silk is naturally hypoallergenic, and contains properties that are resistant to dust mites, fungus and mold, bacteria and viruses, and other common allergens. For those with sensitive skin, silk is ideal because it’s free of all irritating chemicals and additives. It can be worn safely without the fear of maskne, eczema flare ups, skin rashes, and that dreadful stuffy nose that allergy sufferers are all too familiar with.


Promotes Healthy Skin

Silk is popular due to its ability to combat the signs of aging.  The natural cellular albumen found in silk helps to speed up the metabolism of skin cells, ensuring that they’re turning over and replenishing at a faster rate which in turn leads to healthier, plumper skin. Compared to cotton, silk fabric does not create friction, and helps prevent abrasions of the skin. Cotton tends to absorb much of the moisture in your face, where silk naturally seals moisture into your skin. The smooth, tight weave of this natural fabric keeps you cool and allows you to breathe comfortably in any setting.


Gives You A Luxury Experience

There’s a reason that silk fabric has held the position of “Queen of Textiles” for over 4000 years. It is ranked as one of the most luxurious clothes in the world due to its lightweight, soft, natural feel. Since silk is a natural protein fiber, it shines, caresses, insulates, flatters, and nourishes the human skin with each wear. Domincan Fashion Designer Oscar de la Renta says that “Silk does for the body what diamonds do for the hand.” Silk fabric production is limited, so it’s rather expensive due to the high quality and production costs.


High-End Silk Masks from Maskela 

Here at Maskela, we offer the best selection of high-quality, reusable face masks. With the wide range of fashionable styles to choose from that are as breathable as they are beautiful, you'll finally have a face mask you'll want to wear. Scientific studies have suggested a combination of cotton with natural silk makes for the most effective mask. Every mask in our silk collection includes a hidden filter pocket to insert disposable filters. They have a convex 3D shape for comfort and breathability, and are double layered for increased protection. Give yourself the gift of ultimate luxury with one of our beautiful silk masks!

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